FINE: Dwelling in Dreams with Holly Nanula

Dwelling in Dreams with Holly Nanula: Chic, Modern, and Irresistible Features are What Make This Home Unique

When you look at the properties Nanula currently has listed, it’s easy to see why she reigns supreme at selling luxury real estate. These multi-million dollar homes, dripping with opulence, are located in the most coveted neighborhoods in San Diego. Nanula’s star listing, however, has to be 5910 Camino de la Costa.

Located on a bluff in La Jolla, this home is simultaneously a warm and comfortable living space and an artistic masterpiece. The breathtaking ocean views—with over one hundred feet of oceanfront visible—are just the beginning of this gorgeous property; the home offers five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. Boasting 7,500 square feet and a towering 14 foot ceiling from the main floor, this home is awe-inspiring and is currently listed for $16,995,000.

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Designed to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, each room of the home allows for breathtaking views that—on a clear day—stretch down to Mexico. Situated on what is colloquially referred to as the “street of dreams,” the Camino de la Costa property has both historic charm and modern amenities.

The property was originally built in 1959 and has undergone various changes over the last fifty years. The Camino De La Costa property was purchased in December 2013 by American Coastal Properties, a premier provider of single and multifamily homes, specifically in coastal Southern California. The company's President & CEO, Nick Sinatra, spearheaded a substantial two and a half year redevelopment of the property focusing on maximizing land value through improvements and redesign.

Though not considered a new home, the property has recently undergone a substantial remodel. Expertly rebuilt by PBS Construction and designed by acclaimed project designer Marengo Morton Architects, the home now features new facilities and details perfect for even the most discerning buyer.

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If you think the remodel was easy—a dash of paint here, a new light fixture there—you’d be wrong. It took a long time to revitalize this home; according to Claude Anthony Marengo of Marengo Morton Architects, “to ready the home for construction took six months, and [it took] about a year to build.” 

This is because the Camino de la Costa property underwent major structural changes, including moving the pool out of the front yard and putting a jacuzzi with a glass wind screen on the entertainment side of the home. The basement was turned into a wine cellar, bar and entertainment room. Other changes made by the architects on the project include raising the ceilings, dropping the basement floor and putting in more windows on the eastern side of the house to allow for better natural morning light and a mountain view.

According to project designer Marengo, these changes were absolutely necessary. When he first stepped foot on the property, Marengo says the home “had a very shut-down feel to it. Our inspiration was to bring the outside in as much as possible, to get the feel of the ocean being inside the property.”

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Who can blame them? The astounding ocean view is one of the best parts of the home, and both Marengo and Nanula used the sea as inspiration moving forward with the design. This inspiration was then shared with Sandra Vila of Sandra Vila Design House, who completed the interior design makeover of the property. The 15 year old boutique custom design firm is known for being creative, and Vila enjoyed the challenge of regenerating this home. “It was incredible to be given a blank canvas,” Vila says.

With the ocean as her guiding force, Vila aimed for something modern but approachable, something with European flair, something that juxtaposed old world materials with modern elements. Using an ocean-inspired color palette, Vila found herself leaning towards natural stones like marble and limestone, gold coloring throughout and white-washed woods like bamboo and walnut. The color scheme pervades throughout the house, and to its benefit. “Every room relates to the other, so it’s very cohesive,” Vila confirms.

It’s a home perfect for the modern day and age—elegant and refined, but an amazing place for entertainment. And the home doesn’t just look cool—it actually is cool. Admits Nanula, “The latest advances in technology powers every element of the home, from lighting to entertainment, to motorized sliding doors, all off your phone or tablet.” Chic, modern and irresistible features are what make this home so unique.

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Photos by Laura Bravo Mertz of Solifoto

And through it all, Holly Nanula kept a discerning eye on the project, guiding it towards the future and what would be most valuable to any potential buyer. States Nanula, “I worked with the architect and designer regarding a host of items selected, including flooring, wall treatments, lighting and finished fixtures.” Everything was chosen with a potential homeowner in mind, allowing the property to transform from a shut-down distant memory to a shining star on the Street of Dreams.

By designing Camino de la Costa for utility, Nanula and her team were able to add functional details. The pièce de résistance? “The master bedroom suite is absolutely amazing,” Nanula says with pride. “The bedroom has an intoxicating ocean view, the bathroom is divine and the master closet is large and luxurious, including built-ins throughout. [It’s] every woman’s dream closet.” 

There’s that word again: dream. It’s something Holly Nanula and her team specialize in. With laser-sharp focus on the client and their individual dreams, Nanula takes the stressful process of buying or selling a home and turns it into a personalized process. Says Nanula, “[I find] out what my clients’ needs and wants are, whether it be schools, environments or just getting to know their lifestyle… and what works for them.” Nanula works tirelessly to find lavish homes in your budget that meet all of your criteria—no matter your dream!

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